A 3-Day Seminar

Develop Your YOU-nique Signature, Hone Your Message
And Get a Killer 3 Minutes on Video!

The ADVANCED COURSE is an elite “Master Class” where we focus on two hugely critical skills needed to be competitive today:

Developing Your YOU-nique Signature

To stand out, you’ve got to be able to talk about what you do in a way that is utterly your own. We’ll make sure every one of you can de-genericize your rhetoric and walk out with a YOU-nique SIGNATURE. By the time we’re done, you’ll sound like no one else in the universe!

Capturing Your Message on Video

We’ll also show you how to become masterful at using the #1 medium for marketing today – VIDEO. Nowadays, you not only MUST have video – you must have GREAT video! We’ll show you how.

But that’s not all….

Here’s just some of what will be covered:

  • A fool-proof Model that will distinguish you from your competition!
  • How to Create Your YOU-nique Signature!
  • Advanced “Messaging” and Interview Skills!
  • Extensive On-camera Interview Practice! (the world’s best laboratory for honing your message, whether you’re ever in the media or not.)
  • Professional Training for making top quality videos on your own!
  • “Hook” techniques that will grab the attention of the Media!
  • Joel Roberts’ tour de force Video Clip Tour of the Media. Joel will deconstruct news and interview shows to demonstrate how the great impact artists of our time work their magic. You’ll never watch the media – or sell – the same way again!
  • cdboxset-transparentAnd you’ll receive our 14 HOUR CD SET recording of Joel Roberts’ live, signature seminar – “EXCELLENCE IN MEDIA: The Language of Impact” (required listening for participation in THE ADVANCED COURSE.)

And those who choose our “TIER 1” option also get…

  • Private, Pre-Course Consultation with Joel to prepare for the program
    Joel or Heidi Roberts will personally interview you on camera in a professional video studio with an award-winning director/cameraman. (A $25,000 value on its own!) As a former, KABC prime time broadcaster (Joel) and network TV producer (Heidi), we know how to play to your strengths, draw the best out of you and make you look hot! A beautifully edited, 2-3 minute final copy will be sent to you shortly after the course.

How do I register?

Simple. Just e-mail us at and let us know which program(s) and dates you’re interested in. Or call our office at (615) 540-1995. We’ll contact you and take care of the rest of your registration from there.