On average, our seminars will get you 80% there.  Private coaching will take you the rest of the way.  And that last 20% can make all the difference in the world.

At Joel Roberts and Associates, we believe that learning to speak to an audience should involve… an audience! This is why, for most people, we advocate groups – seminars and teleclasses – as the optimum way to launch your communication and media training.


If you’re going into a truly high stakes situation — if you’re about to go on the Today Show, national radio or Oprah; if you’re launching your book tour; pitching venture capitalists for millions; taking your case before a grand jury, making a pivotal speech at your annual sales meeting… — most likely you’ll need additional fine tuning to hit it out of the ballpark.


Who does the coaching?


Joel Roberts

JOEL ROBERTS. If you’ve ventured into this site a bit, you probably already know about Joel.  Words like “brilliant”, “genius”, “master” often get pinned on him, much to his chagrin.  T. Harv Eker introduces him as “one of the smartest men I’ve ever met.”  At KABC LA (the #1 radio market in the world), in the heart of prime time, he was a broadcaster’s broadcaster – an artist of the medium, whose dazzling radio career was cut short by a tragic accident that cost him much of his hearing and frayed his auditory nerves beyond repair.  He successfully reinvented himself as a consummate teacher, taking all that he had done intuitively on the air and distilling it into elegantly simple yet powerful communication principles, tools, techniques and models that anyone can learn. Today he teaches and coaches industry leaders, corporate executives and entrepreneurs, and is actively writing a book about his work.


What kinds of things can I work on through private coaching?

The short answer is whatever you need.  Every coaching session is personally tailored to your goals and is designed to close the gap between where you are and where you need to be to accomplish them.

For example, you may use these sessions to:

  • Get laser-sharp on your key messages and sound bites
  • Prep for a specific media opportunity (The Today Show, Fox News, GMA, etc.)
  • Refine your interview skills, including being able to stay on point no matter what questions are thrown at you
  • Confidently handle, and even welcome adversity, controversy and hostile questions
  • Simulate talk radio interviews with all kinds of hosts and callers
  • Craft “killer hooks” tailored to specific venues (radio, TV, print, internet, corporate) and update these hooks to tie-in to the news of the day
  • Craft Suggested Interview Questions that will be part of your press kit
  • Create a media strategy — including the internet and social networking — and step by step campaign
  • Learn how to create a fantastic partnership with your publicist — and get the most out of the relationship
  • Get comfortable and skillful at pitching producers on your own
  • Learn the nuts and bolts protocol for satellite tours, blog tours, print, radio, TV and more
  • Get valuable input on speeches, book proposals, websites, blogs and podcasts
  • Be your champion and cheerleader, building skills and confidence, and making sure you continue moving forward with any, or all of the above!


How does it work and what does it cost?

Any coaching arrangement with us includes an initial diagnostic call “on the house.”  This is where we learn about you and what you need and where we’ll let you know how we think we could serve you best. Usually these calls are illuminating on their own, so if you’re even thinking about private coaching, be sure to take advantage of this!

Thereafter, we offer several coaching options, in 3-session or 2-session packages.  These sessions are one hour each and are generally conducted on the phone.  We can also arrange in-person sessions, and videotaped sessions, if schedule and location permit.  Homework is assigned between sessions so that your progress will be as rapid as possible.

We are happy to discuss prices with you for private coaching.   Please call our office any time at (615) 540-1995 or email us at info@joelroberts.com and let us know how we can reach you.