The one thing Joel hears from clients more than anything else is “You do me better than I do me!”  How would you like Joel to do your interview for you – as you — and record it so you can review it again and again?

In a YOU-Gram, Joel will literally do just that.  He will read your material carefully, talk with you at length, distill your key messages, isolate your sound bites, sequence the ideas, then turn on the recorder and do the interview himself – both parts!  He’ll ask the questions and give the answers as though he were you. Within 24 hours you’ll get your YOU-Gram message in your email. One click and there you’ll be!  It won’t be your voice, but it sure will sound like you wish you sounded.

Study it.  Internalize it.  Run with it.  There is no better way to cut to the chase, save time and money, and come out sounding like a master.




If you seriously want to show producers of television and radio what you can do; if you want dynamite footage of you on your website and U-Tube and spiraling virally across the internet… then you must have a “killer” demo. And no one knows how to show off your strengths better than Joel Roberts.

In a Spotlight Interview, Joel interviews you on camera and/or on audiotape, in a professional studio, using all of his broadcaster’s muscle to showcase you and your message in the very best light.

You’ll be coached by Joel days beforehand to be able to deliver your points in a clear, concise and impactful manner. We’ll recommend a make-up and hair stylist and wardrobe consultant, or you can bring your own. When you’re ready, you’ll step onto an elegant talk show set, with 2 cameras and flattering lighting. Joel will interview you exactly as if it were the real thing – in the way that only a veteran broadcaster can. Then the interview will be professionally edited and you’ll end up with a first class, 3-4 minute “demo” that will dramatically increase your chances of being accepted on shows everywhere.

You’ll receive a copy of your interview on disc and can send it directly to producers of radio, TV and live speaking engagements. You can include it in your electronic press kit, post it on your website, U-Tube and other sites, email it to anyone for free, and have it as THE crowning show piece in your marketing arsenal.




In today’s overcrowded marketplace, you may be brilliant at what you do, but there’s likely to be a whole lot of people out there doing virtually the same thing. If you can’t find a way to powerfully set yourself apart from the pack, you’re history.

With Singular Signatures and Limited Edition Lexicons, Joel creates the iconic phrases, names and vocabulary that will render you utterly unique in the marketplace.

Your Singular Signature is the key, memorable phrase for which you are known.  It could be your moniker, what you call yourself or your company, your tag line, your book title, the way you frame what you do.

Take “Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus,” for example.  This is more than just a title.  It’s John Grey’s signature – his core idea, ingeniously worded.  Thousands of authors have written about relationships between men and women, but only John Grey has created a phrase this distinctive.  It not only captured his philosophy in a sound bite, it spawned a wildly lucrative series of books and products with an entire planetary lexicon.  In the ultimate tribute, it has become part of the indelible shorthand of our culture.

A Limited Edition Lexicon is the extension of your signature.  It’s the whole vocabulary in which you cloak your service or product, that rescues you from abstract, generic, cliché-ville.  It may show up in the name of your tools, the titles of your chapters, the cool and clever way you label the various parts of what you offer.

Together, your Singular Signature and Limited Edition Lexicon make up your brand – the unforgettable language that will set you apart from everyone else out there.

What Joel brings to the table is an acutely developed “impact meter” and a particular genius for naming things.  In his hands, your Singular Signature and/or Limited Edition Lexicon may be inspired by an apt metaphor or imported from a distant chapter of your life.  Or it may simply bubble up spontaneously from the inner chambers of his quirky brain.  But when you hear it, it will be the ultimate “Aha! That’s me!” moment.  And it will become an audience-grabbing, career-making, business-building identity that you will use forever.





14 Hours of Joel Roberts’ Signature 3-Day Seminar

For the first time ever, we are offering a complete live recording of Joel Roberts’ signature seminar! Learn a prime time broadcaster’s secrets to getting yourself on the air, delivering a dazzling interview, and getting your message across with power and impact — anywhere, anytime.


  • How to Put You in Your YOU-nique Selling Proposition (and You Must!)
  • How to Sell the Problem Before You Sell the Solution (and You Must!)
  • Where Your Credibility Really Lives
  • The 2 Chemical Formula That Lead to Funds
  • How to Tell Stories Like a Media Master – Even If You’ll never Be On the Air

…And much, much more!

This is the course that best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul authors take and entrepreneurs and executives from every industry you can name! It will make you laugh, make you think, and change the way you communicate forever!

To learn more about any of Joel Roberts’ Special Services and products, please email us at or call us at 310-441-2560.